Karmen and Taurice Love Story

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Its funny how life has a way of bringing us full circle. Taurice and I first met in 2004, in the halls of Flint Central High School (only the best high school of all time), he probably doesn’t remember, but I do. I saw him and thought OH MY GOD, he is so cute and so TALL. Neither of us had any idea that we were laying eyes on our forever love, well that’s if he was still looking, I know I sure was.   Years went by without either of us thinking of one another, I was still in high school … Read More

The Love Story Of Chantelle & Donte

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Chantelle and Donte

Donte and Chantelle met while working at a summer camp at Christ Enrichment Center. Donte said it was his first year working there and on his first day he had orientation. He said that while he was waiting for his orientation to began, he felt an amazing energy enter the room. He looked up from the magazine he was reading and his eyes connected with Chantelle’s for a brief moment but he said if felt like eternity. Chantelle said she would see him daily throughout the summer program but they didn’t have much conversation. The summer camp was over and … Read More

The Love Story of Shannon Edwards and Phil Bullock

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Phil and Shannon met for the first time 8 years ago in May of 2008. They begin dating a few months later in July 2008. They both entered into the relationship with very different views of what they thought a relationship was. Shannon was expecting a loving home with husband and kids because that is how she was raised. Phil had a different view, he never wanted to get married or have children. Shannon had two girls at the time and he became very accepting of them. They have truly come a long way since then, through ups and downs, … Read More

The Love Story of Tasheka Wilson and David Tiggs

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David and Tasheka first met in their junior high school days through a friend of Tasheka’s. They talked for awhile but somehow lost contact with each other. Many years had passed and they would often see each other out and about and the chemistry would always be there but they were on different paths at those times of their lives. In April 2002, they crossed paths once again and that’s when Tasheka finally said something to him. David asked for her number that night and from there on it was all she wrote…..From that point they were a family and … Read More

The Love Story of Bianka Belin and Keith Fort

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Bianka and Keith were introduced in the summer of 2011 through family and friends. Bianka’s aunt is friends with some of Keith’s relatives and that is how they became connected.  Keith and his brother had been talking about Bianka so her aunt was so excited to show Bianka his Facebook page. Facebook is where it all began! It all started with a message, then they began to talk on the phone. The couple had been talking on the phone for over 2 months before Bianka decided to fly out to Jersey to see Keith. Bianka says she remember literally getting … Read More

The Love Story Of Unika Robertson and Rendal “Lee” Odom

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Lee and Unika met through a mutual friend in the summer of 2009. They were hanging out at the Street Rider Motorcycle club where he was the National President.  Unika asked who he was because she had also seen him before at some of her family events. He was later introduced to her by his club name 2dollars. He gave her his number but she was reluctant to call. Unika’s grandmother was having a cookout for her grandfathers birthday on July 23, 2009. That’s when she was urged by her aunt who was also a club member to call him. … Read More

The Love Story of DaVita Bell and Terrance Metcalfe

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  DaVita and Terrance met in the summer of 2009 through mutual friends. They were all hanging out over at a friends house. Terrance asked her for her phone number and eventually she ended up giving it to him. They became great friends and talked on the phone for over a year. They had great conversation all the time! They laughed and joked around all the time but never thought about dating each other. In the spring of 2010 their conversations started to die down and Davita realized she missed him a lot! They lost contact with each other and … Read More

The Love Story of Tashira and Christopher Jones

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Tashira and Christopher met in a vehicle with mutual friends. They both decided to sit in the car because they didn’t want to eat at someone’s house they didn’t know. They began to have great conversation and Tashira asked Christopher if she could hack his Instagram page. He said yes, of course!  From there he began to “Like” her pictures and she returned the favor. Christopher asked her if she had an “Facebook” page and she said yes. They became friends on Facebook and he sent his phone number in a message expecting her to call. Tashira decided not to call … Read More

Love Story of Marie Deans and Marcus Bean

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Marie and Marcus met in 2009. Marcus said it was love at first sight for him! They ran into each other at Walmart where Marcus was then employed. Marcus told his co-worker and friend that he wanted to talk to Marie but she always came in the store looking mad. One day, Marcus finally came up to Marie because he wanted to make her smile. He said he was nervous so to break the ice he started telling jokes. Guess what? It worked….he put a smile on her face. It took awhile before he asked her for her phone number … Read More

Love Story of Wyeeka and DeAndre

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DeAndre and Wyeeka met a party through Wyeeka’s cousin. Wyeeka’s cousin is married to his cousin. They had engaged in a little conversation at the party but didn’t exchange numbers. Six months later her cousin had a Christmas gathering and they were formally introduced. The conversation and vibes were good so they decided to exchange phone numbers. In their conversations they discussed their futures and wanted they wanted out of a relationship. They talked about marriage and it was something that they both wanted and even raising a family. After awhile they were inseparable! They have always made God and … Read More