Karmen and Taurice Love Story

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Its funny how life has a way of bringing us full circle. Taurice and I first met in 2004, in the halls of Flint Central High School (only the best high school of all time), he probably doesn’t remember, but I do. I saw him and thought OH MY GOD, he is so cute and so TALL. Neither of us had any idea that we were laying eyes on our forever love, well that’s if he was still looking, I know I sure was.
Years went by without either of us thinking of one another, I was still in high school and he was away in college, but as fate would have it we crossed paths again in 2009. I walked into the office at Peninsular Place and saw him sitting at the desk helping people get moved in, I thought to myself YES, this is meant to be, here he is again- still tall and still FINE! I had to work up the nerve to talk to him. Fast forward a few months, I walk into the information session for the Healthcare Administration program, lo and behold – Taurice was front and center; I remember thinking to myself “thank God I got dressed today.” Although we were heading in two different directions (not literally of course, we actually went the same way to get home), we became really good friends.
We kept in touch throughout the years, even had a few classes together, but nothing to write home about AKA he was not checking for me *insert rolling eye emoji*. FINALLY, on a random night in 2012, Taurice texted me, pretty much confessing his love for me and the rest was history….
I’m pretty sure he’d tell this story a little bit differently, but the world may never know! 

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  1. So excited for you both! It has been a great pleasure working with you this past year! Can’t wait for you bid day!

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