Love Story of Marie Deans and Marcus Bean

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Marie and Marcus met in 2009. Marcus said it was love at first sight for him! They ran into each other at Walmart where Marcus was then employed. Marcus told his co-worker and friend that he wanted to talk to Marie but she always came in the store looking mad.

One day, Marcus finally came up to Marie because he wanted to make her smile. He said he was nervous so to break the ice he started telling jokes. Guess what? It worked….he put a smile on her face. It took awhile before he asked her for her phone number but he did through a mutual friend. Finally she came in the store again and he asked her on a date.

Marie agreed to go on a date with Marcus but after the date told him she had met someone else. Marcus was heartbroken.  A year went by and in October 2010 Marie came in the store and she didn’t see Marcus or had heard from him in awhile so asked his friend about him. The next day Marcus contacted her while she was at a conference and he asked her to come over for dinner. Marie accepted the invitation for dinner as the other guy didn’t work out. Sweetest Day 2011 they officially became a couple. They took their first road trip to Mackinac Island and have been inseparable ever since.

In May 2013 while at a family holiday camping trip, Marcus proposed to Marie in front of both of their families. Marie said she loves that Marcus loves her unconditionally. She said she is happy that God sent him to her! Marie also said they love going to the movies and cooking together, they love to travel and he makes her laugh all the time! She said this is what she prayed for….TRUE LOVE!

On April 25, 2015 the couple will vow their love before God, friends and family and they both can’t wait!,


Marie and Marc

12 Comments on “Love Story of Marie Deans and Marcus Bean”

  1. Marie and I have been friends now for over Six years now and I remember the day when Marie came to work telling me about Mark and how they met, reconnected and started talking and how she was umdecided on how things was going to progress, every week it was something then every month, Marie was growing fonder and fonder of Mark, she was telling all the wonderful things that they were doing together and how she was falling for him more and more, eventually I was team Mark, he didn’t know me from a can of paint, but i was rooting for him, he was broke down that tough exterior and stole her heart, and to watch my friend fall in love and be do happy was just amazing to see, I’m so happy for both of them and feel blessed to share in the joining of two hearts.
    Love TARA

  2. Love these 2!!! And I’m so glad my friend has found true love! I am so excited for this day to come, the unity of marriage, and all the joy that it will bring for you guys in the future! The years we both been in the same boat on finding that one…but that one has been found! Love you guys!!!! And God Bless you both!

  3. Marie,
    This love story couldn’t of happened to a better person. You deserve every moment! Enjoy being a wife. Take the time each day to ask how you can improve his day. My mother in law gave me that advise and I really does work. Take care and GOD is wonderful and always has a plan. We couldn’t serve a better man. God bless you both.

  4. I am so happy for my true friend Marie! She deserves the best. We’ve been friends since we were kids and we’ve talked about this day forever. I’m overly excited for you and I can’t wait to see if the future brings me a god- baby! I love you and wish you and Mark the best. A long lifetime of love, laughs ,peace and happiness!

  5. Marie and Mark, yall both some cakes. But yall deserve each other. Couldn’t have picked a better man for you sis. Especially seeing as how he’s the first guy you’ve been that i actually liked.

  6. i looooove this story. Reading it has brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been on this journey with her from Day 1 and I can say that it is a true love story. Marcus was right..Marie old mean lookin butt lol!! Glad that you have someone that puts a smile on your face daily. Just hearing and saying is name makes you glow. I’ll be standing proud and by your side to witness this blessed Union. Love you and since you’re like family so is Marcus!!!

  7. Im so glad Marie u finally found the man of your dreams. I love u both so much and i nevered seen u so happy until now. I cant wait to be the maid of honor at yall wedding. Love u both my boo’s

  8. I am so Happy for my cousin Marcus & his future wife. Marie is such a great person & perfect for my cousin. I am so Happy for their upcoming wedding. Love you both!

  9. This was so lovely! I am so happy for you Marie and I am so glad I got too see you fall head over heels for the man of your dreams! && how wonderful to know that you are loved and adored by him! I can’t wait to see you guys jump the broom in a few days! Love you both!

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