Love Story of Wyeeka and DeAndre

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DeAndre and Wyeeka met a party through Wyeeka’s cousin. Wyeeka’s cousin is married to his cousin. They had engaged in a little conversation at the party but didn’t exchange numbers. Six months later her cousin had a Christmas gathering and they were formally introduced. The conversation and vibes were good so they decided to exchange phone numbers. In their conversations they discussed their futures and wanted they wanted out of a relationship. They talked about marriage and it was something that they both wanted and even raising a family. After awhile they were inseparable! They have always made God and Family their 1st priority! Now here they are planning their special day!

On Saturday, October 4, 2014, Wyeeka’s life changed forever! Wyeeka, DeAndre and their family and friends gathered for what was suppose to be a birthday dinner for DeAndre but turned into a engagement party. Wyeeka had ordered a birthday cake for DeAndre’s birthday dinner. DeAndre called the baker and had the “Happy Birthday DeAndre” changed to “Will You Marry Me” how cool is that! What a romantic! They where all having a great time laughing and enjoying family and DeAndre asked her to come to front of the table. Wyeeka was wondering why he asked her to come to the front of the table….he opened the box and as she read the cake he began to express his feelings for her.  He then asked his best friend for the ring, went down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Crying of course….SHE SAID YES! An August 1, 2015 wedding is planned.

What a great Love Story…..

Wyeeka and DeAndre

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