The Love Story of Bianka Belin and Keith Fort

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Bianka and Keith were introduced in the summer of 2011 through family and friends. Bianka’s aunt is friends with some of Keith’s relatives and that is how they became connected.  Keith and his brother had been talking about Bianka so her aunt was so excited to show Bianka his Facebook page. Facebook is where it all began! It all started with a message, then they began to talk on the phone.

The couple had been talking on the phone for over 2 months before Bianka decided to fly out to Jersey to see Keith. Bianka says she remember literally getting off the plane “shaking” from excitement about meeting the man of her dreams.

After the weekend in New Jersey, there was no turning back. After some great memories and some tough challenges in their relationship over the last 4 years she is so happy they chose to stick it out. In August 2015 after visiting Keith for a very short weekend, he surprised Bianka and asked her to marry him on the morning of her leaving to fly back to Chicago.

Bianka said she was overjoyed with excitement! Their marriage goals going forward is to focus on happiness, and growth in their relationship. Congrats to the newly engaged couple and stay tuned for the beautiful wedding planned for September 2016.

And this is how their love story began….







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