The Love Story Of Chantelle & Donte

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Chantelle and Donte

Chantelle and DonteDonte and Chantelle met while working at a summer camp at Christ Enrichment Center.

Donte said it was his first year working there and on his first day he had orientation. He said that while he was waiting for his orientation to began, he felt an amazing energy enter the room. He looked up from the magazine he was reading and his eyes connected with Chantelle’s for a brief moment but he said if felt like eternity.

Chantelle said she would see him daily throughout the summer program but they didn’t have much conversation. The summer camp was over and they went their separate ways until one day Chantelle decided to send him a message via social media.

Chantelle said she made the first move by asking him if he would like to go out! (I like her courage and style) Of course Donte agreed to go on a date with her and they have been stuck like glue she said ever since.

Chantelle says that they have their ups and downs like any other couple but they always manage to be there for one another and that is the reason they are so in love! She said he is an amazing father of their daughter, her best friend and soulmate! Donte says that Chantelle is beautiful, compassionate and intelligent and loving her has made him a better man!

They are planning a June 2018 wedding and we are so glad to be apart of their special day! The planning has begun and we are so elated about it!

Wish them well on their journey!

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  1. Congratulations to you both He who finds a wife finds a Good thing and you found the best ,my baby

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