The Love Story of DaVita Bell and Terrance Metcalfe

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DaVita and Terrance met in the summer of 2009 through mutual friends. They were all hanging out over at a friends house. Terrance asked her for her phone number and eventually she ended up giving it to him. They became great friends and talked on the phone for over a year. They had great conversation all the time! They laughed and joked around all the time but never thought about dating each other. In the spring of 2010 their conversations started to die down and Davita realized she missed him a lot! They lost contact with each other and she ended up finding him on Facebook.

She was able to get in touch with him and in October 2010 they officially became a couple. They always talked about when they would get married, the things they wanted for their wedding and where it would be. In October 2013, Terrance left the house for a long time and Davita was home waiting for him and getting frustrated. She was calling him but couldn’t get a hold of him and she couldn’t find him. Terrance was out looking for a ring. He had called her dad earlier and asked for permission to marry her!

When he finally arrived home he was acting really shy and nervous. He walked into the back room and then came back in the room where she was and got down on one knee. He then asked her to marry him! Davita said she could not believe it! She was the happiest woman alive and they went out and celebrated!! They immediately began their wedding planning and have been inseparable ever since.

The couple has a September 2015 wedding plan…and this is where the love story begins!

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