The Love Story of Shannon Edwards and Phil Bullock

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Phil and Shannon met for the first time 8 years ago in May of 2008. They begin dating a few months later in July 2008. They both entered into the relationship with very different views of what they thought a relationship was. Shannon was expecting a loving home with husband and kids because that is how she was raised. Phil had a different view, he never wanted to get married or have children. Shannon had two girls at the time and he became very accepting of them. They have truly come a long way since then, through ups and downs, arguments and laughter. Shannon said Phil is her best friend.

Shannon describes Phil as a wonderful man and an amazing father. They had their first son together in November 2009. It was only 2 short weeks after their child was born that his grandmother passed away. Shannon recalls how heartbreaking it was to see him go through so much pain. Phil’s grandmother was his world and losing her was very hard on him. But she stood by his side and helped him get through.

Eventually they moved in together and became more serious about their relationship. Phil was still saying he didn’t want to get married but God blessed them with another bundle of joy in July 2013. He was truly a miracle baby! During this time Shannon said they had grew apart but this miracle baby brought them close again…and closer than before.

In February 2015, Phil proposed to Shannon at Famous Daves. She said she was so surprised and shocked since this is coming from a man who had pushed marriage so far from reach. However, for Shannon it was a dream come true. They now have their futures mapped out. They plan on buying a new home together and also furthering their careers. Shannon said they will live a happy, loving and commited marriage; full of trust and honesty.

As a family they attend church weekly and have developed a closer relationship with God. Since they have given their lives to God she said they have been truly blessed. A life without God’s direction and strength is a life with loss and confusion and they have realized that God brought them together for a reason. They still have a long road ahead of them with raising their children and Shannon said keeping their promises. But they have made it 8 years and she can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. She said she know they will have ups and downs but as long as they have each other they will have happiness!

Their journey down this road of marriage will begin on March 24, 2016.

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5 Comments on “The Love Story of Shannon Edwards and Phil Bullock”

  1. They have both been climbing their mountain of rocks but, one thing I know is they manage to catch each other. You two couldn’t have found a better mate or best friend. I’m so happy for your family because big phil is truly a wonderful man and father. He stepped up and became a dad to two beautiful girls that wasn’t he’s and never looked back and he loves all four of his kids the same. Shannon you deserve to be loved and happy, because you are truly amazing in so many ways.
    CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU! Y’all keep God first at everything and y’all will be blessed, love aunt Patrina

  2. This is a great way to tell people. Its adorable congratulations Shannon and Phil I hope you guys are very happy together.

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