The Love Story of Tasheka Wilson and David Tiggs

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David and Tasheka first met in their junior high school days through a friend of Tasheka’s. They talked for awhile but somehow lost contact with each other. Many years had passed and they would often see each other out and about and the chemistry would always be there but they were on different paths at those times of their lives.

In April 2002, they crossed paths once again and that’s when Tasheka finally said something to him. David asked for her number that night and from there on it was all she wrote…..From that point they were a family and had a son in 2004. They both have daughters from previous relationships.

Thirteen years later David and their son secretly went shopping for the perfect ring for Tasheka. When he found the ring, he had Tasheka’s best friend to set up a dinner at Lucky’s Steakhouse so that he could propose to her. On May 31st was the big day! Tasheka thought she was going to dinner to celebrate her best friend and her husband’s fifth anniversary.

Tasheka said when they arrived at the restaurant and was seated the waitress started to sing “At Last” by Etta James behind her. She said she was looking around like why is this lady singing…still clueless of what was going on. She said she started to notice some of David’s family come in the restaurant and then she felt a tap on her shoulder. When she turned around David had a box in his hand and he got down on one knee and said “I know it’s been a long journey but Tasheka will you marry me? She said YES!

The new chapter of their love story will begin on August 13, 2016-Their wedding day!

Congrats to the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Tiggs!





4 Comments on “The Love Story of Tasheka Wilson and David Tiggs”

  1. Awwww this is beautiful… #blacklove I love it… you guys look great together… congratulations!!!!!!!

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